NWT Joins Worldwide Fracking Protest—Global Frackdown 2014

October 1, 2014

posterNWT citizens are joining the worldwide Global Frackdown event Saturday, October 11th to highlight concerns with the dangers of fracking for our waters and climate.

People will gather in Somba K’e Park at noon Saturday and march to Northern United Place to participate in an information session on the dangers of fracking.  The documentary “Showdown”, which focuses on the anti-fracking protests in New Brunswick, will be screened.

Participation in the worldwide event is being organized by the NWT Chapter of the Council of Canadians.

“Global Frackdown will unite concerned citizens around the globe to tell elected officials that we want a future lit by clean, renewable energy; not dirty, polluting fossil fuels.” says Council of Canadians spokesperson Lorraine Hewlett. “The journey to a renewable energy future will not be fueled by oil and gas.”

“Horizontal fracking is moving forward in the Sahtu without even an environmental assessment.  We have no detailed understanding of the short- or long-term impacts of this technology on Sahtu water resources;  we don’t know the full details of the composition or quantity of chemicals that will remain underground;, and have no certainty that highly contaminated waste fluids will be managed properly toprevent leaks and spills into our northern waters.    

Read the full media release and download the poster.


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