Fracking still a major issue for the North

News North December 1, 2014  Columnist Antoine Mountain

Friends, I am truly surprised that we in the North have been sitting on our hands for so long on the issue of fracking.

Yet I am heartened to note that individual citizens like Lois Little can put it to us so clearly why we should be concerned about this matter at all.

In fact, the sheer numbers she quotes for us are frightening, to say the least. Take for instance that a good part of our country consists of water.

A company drilling an average well using the fracking process expect us to OK the use of from 7.5 to 19 million – Million,  with a capital M –litres of surface or groundwater for its operation. That works out to way over 100,000 forty-five gallon barrels of water for each well.

We all know that given the official government go-ahead, any respectable company like Conoco-Phillips or Husky will not even think twice about drilling as many of these potentially damaging holes in Mother Earth as they possibly can to get at what’s below.

Now add to this 700 chemicals to the water – many of them cancer-causing carcinogens – put it all under extreme pressure and we are just asking for trouble, especially given the fact that these industrial companies are not liable for damages under existing law.

When we rely on agencies which are supposed to be working on our behalf like the Government of the NWT, which makes no bones about being in support of fracking, we need to wake up and put into practice the kind of backbone we used to have as Northerners.

They say that there isn’t enough information about the practice of fracking, which is another stroll down the ol’ garden path.

Facts about fracking have been available since the early 1980s. Why else would entire countries like France, Belgium and now Germany outright ban fracking altogether, if it is so good for us?

Germany probably has the best economy and should know how to make money. Mahsi, thank you.


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