Film Screening–Water On the Table

Tuesday March 17, 7 PM Northern United Place

WaterOnTheTable_Poster3As part of the events marking Water Week, the Council of Canadians NWT Chapter and Ecology North present the new documentary featuring water warrior and Council of Canadians President Maude Barlow.

Water On The Table explores Canada’s relationship to its freshwater, arguably its most precious natural resource. Is water a commercial good like running shoes or Coca-Cola? Or, is water a human right like air?

The film features Maude Barlow, who is considered an “international water-warrior” for her crusade to have water declared a human right.

”Water must be declared a public trust and a human right that belongs to the people, the ecosystem and the future, and preserved for all time and practice in law. Clean water must be delivered as a public service, not a profitable commodity,” says Barlow.

The film received the Donald Brittain Award for Best Social Political Documentary and is nominated for this year’s Gemini Award as best theatrical and broadcast documentary. See more details at the Water on the Table website.


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