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Film Presentation–To the Ends of the Earth Details “Extreme” Energy Impacts and Answers

April 24, 2017 

To the Ends of the Earth—the feature film examining the rise of extreme energy, the end of economic growth, and the people caught in the middle—is screening Thursday May 4 at 7 PM in the Northern United Place auditorium.

 The film examines the state of our energy system today, and the people in critical positions watching global developments unfold. We meet Inuit concerned that undersea seismic testing is harming marine mammals Inuit rely upon for food. Or the environmental lawyer who goes on a journey to areas that produce energy for the Tarsands of Alberta.  Or the river conservationist in Utah who fights to protect the Colorado River from oil shale projects that would disturb its headwaters.

To the Ends of the Earth’ brings forward the voices of those who not only denounce the rise of extreme energy, but also envision the new world that is taking shape instead: a future beyond the resource pyramid, a post- growth economy.

The film is presented by the NWT Chapter of the Council of Canadians.  Admission is by donation.


This Changes Everything

Film Presentation

fb imageThis Changes Everything, the documentary film based on the acclaimed nonfiction best-seller by award-winning journalist and author, Naomi Klein is being screened Thursday November 19 at 7 PM in the Northern United Place Auditorium.

The presentation is sponsored by the Council of Canadians NWT Chapter and Ecology North.  Admission is free.

Screenings of the film This Changes Everything are part of the book, film and public engagement project demonstrating why the changes we need to avert climate chaos are our best chance to build the more equitable, livable and healthier societies world citizens want and need.

See the media release from the September 13 Toronto International Film Festival launch of the film, the press pack from the film launch, and download the poster providing details of the Yellowknife screening.